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Bahulogic Diagnostic became reality with the dreams of two professionals in the areas of Nuclear Medicine and Environmental health Consulting. The company started in the state of California . Bahulogic Diagnostic focuses into two sections: (a) Molecular Imaging (Portable Nuclear medicine Imaging & Medical Staffing at imaging centers and hospitals) and (b) Environmental Health consulting and training.

-The medical staffing includes Nuclear Medicine technologists, Echo and vascular technologists, and Nursing.

-Our mobile cardiac SPECT unit provides patientcare in Molecular imaging at the clinics and in the hospitals within the state of California. Bahu Diagnostic have well experienced Nuclear Medicine technologists as staffing for Nuclear Medicine departments at the hospitals and for imaging centers. Their experiences include the uses of Siemens, GE, ADAC, E.CAM, DIGIRAD modalities.

-Mobile Echo and Vascular technologists serve the hospitals, urgent care facilities, and medical offices. Our professionals come straight to your facilities without any problem; meaning that our clients do not need to send their patients to anywhere outside their medical buildings.

-Our environmental health consultants consult in solid waste management, hazardous waste, air sanitation, food safety for managers, environmental health administration, medical waste, emergency preparedness, Septic design and implementation, and investigating process of food poisoning.

-Our environmental health professionals provide review classes for the Registered Environmental Health Specialist examination.

Bahulogic Diagnostic Solutions

6925 Aragon Circle Unit 1

Buena Park, California 90620

Stephenson Bamidele, MS, MSQA, REHS, CNMT, CSE.

CEO Bahulogic Diagnostic Solutions


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